Bryan-College Station Will Be the First Southwest Market to Receive Ultra-Fast Internet

October 27, 2014, 12:58 PM

Broadband service provider Suddenlink has announced a program that will progressively boost Internet speeds for customers in Bryan-College Station. Known as Operation GigaSpeed, the new ultra high-speed Internet service will deliver one Gigabit per second and is 10 times faster than standard service. Bryan-College Station will be the first area in the Southwest to receive the enhanced service through Suddenlink.

While companies such as Google and AT&T offer or plan to offer one Gigabit service to select urban markets, Suddenlink plans to make the service available to all customers in small and mid-sized markets and rural areas. The company expects to complete network upgrades that will bring the faster speeds to 45,000 business and residential customers in Bryan-College Station by early 2015. The price for the service will be about $70 per month, on par with similar service in Austin.

Suddenlink estimates the service will be available for all of its approximately 1.4 million residential and commercial customers by late 2017. The network improvements that will make the one gigabit-per-second Internet speed possible represent a $250 million company investment.

A Boon for Local Business

James Benham, a College Station city councilman and president of technology company JBKnowledge,  hailed the announcement of Operation GigaSpeed as a game-changer that will allow Bryan-College Station to attract and keep more businesses in the area. “How many companies decide whether to stay or go to Austin because they have gigabit with Google fiber?” Benham said at the University Center at Texas A&M, where the announcement was made on September 22.

The Suddenlink partnership is a victory for the Research Valley Technology Council, which formed last year to spearhead a search for ultra high-speed Internet service providers that could satisfy high-tech businesses’ need for high connectivity.

City Bank applauds the efforts of the Bryan and College Station city councils to bring this advancement to the area, and looks forward to fueling the growth of more companies with business loans in College Station and Bryan.

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