Here is How You and Your Community Benefit When You Support Local Entrepreneurs

October 12, 2017, 8:22 AM
Small Business Owner

Have you ever considered supporting a local business over a large national chain? This has become a popular trend in the past few years and for good reason. Your local retailers and entrepreneurs work hard to deliver something that is often unique and of higher quality than you would receive from a big-box retailer. Whether you are shopping for food, home goods, or financial services, here are just a few of the ways that you and your community benefit from your support of local entrepreneurs.

Improved Health

When you buy your food locally, you're not only helping local farmers but also doing something positive for your health. There are several health benefits of locally-raised food. For example, you can buy eggs and dairy that you know are fresh as well as fruits and vegetables that are proven to be free from chemicals. In contrast, the food that you find at a big-box store is virtually guaranteed to be treated with additives, refined sugars, and other chemicals.

Boost the Local Economy

When you shop at big-box stores and other national chains, you aren't helping the local economy the way that you would if you supported a local entrepreneur. This is a fact that was proven by a Chicago study, which determined that for $100 spent at a local business $68 remained in the local economy. In contrast, consumers who spend $100 at a chain only contribute $43 to the local economy. Also, when you give your business to a local entrepreneur, they tend to return the favor by supporting other local businesses.

Connect with Business Owners

Do you know each of the managers and employees of your area's national retailers? Most people don't. When you support local entrepreneurs, you will create a connection with those business owners and employees over time. Not only will you become invested in the success of that business, but those merchants will also get to know you and your family.

Better Customer Service

Want the best customer service each time you open your wallet? There's a good chance that you won't find a consistently positive experience with a big-box or national retailer. That personal connection that we just mentioned is going to ensure that you get the best buying experience possible as well as access to the business' primary decision-makers. When you know the business, and they know you, you will also receive more personalized service. By shopping locally, you let the business know your preferences, and they can quickly meet and even anticipate your needs.

Get Cash Back When You Dine & Shop Local

Towny is a new mobile app that promotes local shopping in the Lubbock area with exclusive offers from your favorite restaurants, stores, and more. City Bank customers have the opportunity to earn 10% back* at locally-owned business on repeat visits when you spend using a City Bank debit card by linking it to your Towny app profile. It's easy-to-use, innovative rewards are designed to empower local businesses and give 10% back to City Bank customers who frequent their favorite local businesses.

City Bank is your local banking solution throughout Texas and eastern New Mexico. Our goal is to provide personalized service to consumers and small businesses while also delivering the most competitive rates on loans and investment services. Contact us today at any of our convenient locations near you to find out how we can help you meet your personal or business financial goals.

*When you link your City Bank debit card to the Towny Rewards app, and use that card to make a purchase at a participating Towny business, you will earn 10% of that purchase in when you make a subsequent purchase at that same merchant, within a timeframe specified in the Towny app. Participating merchants fund all rewards and all disputes, merchandise returns, purchase cancellations and/ or fraudulent transactions are handled according to each individual merchant’s policies. Merchant participation may vary by market area. Cash rewards are variable and may change at any time upon proper notice being sent to your mobile app or displayed on the program’s website. Enrollment, limitations, availability, redemption timeframes, terms, conditions and other restrictions apply. Program details can be found at or by contacting a City Bank Customer Service Representative. Towny is a trademark of Roll Forward LLC, registered in the U.S.A. City Bank is independent of Roll Forward, LLC



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