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The last step of the transition process that will make West Texas State Bank part of the City Bank family is the conversion of existing customer data to the City Bank platform. Over the coming weeks, you will receive letter(s) about your new account(s) and a benefits booklet to help guide you through the process of the conversion. We know you will have many questions about this conversion so we invite you to read through the booklet below and use our FAQ section as a resource. If you have additional questions, please reach out to our Customer Xperience Team at (800) 687-2265.

We are excited for you to experience our first-class customer service, innovative banking features and great product offerings. City Bank’s long-standing commitment to our customers and the communities we serve permeates in everything we do. We look forward to the completion of this conversion and will do everything we can to make it as smooth as possible. Thank you for your trust. We look forward to serving you.

My Account

Do I have access to my money and is it insured by the FDIC?

Yes. You still have the same access to your funds as you always have either online or at your local branch. FDIC deposit insurance limits still apply for each account ownership type.

Should I expect someone to call or email me to verify my deposit account information?

No. No one from City Bank will ever call or email to ask for your personal, confidential account information. If you call us, however, we may ask you for information to verify your identity.

Will my debit card number change?

Yes, you will receive a new debit card the week of March 9.

Will my routing number change?

Yes. Your new routing number will be 111301737. You will need to update any automatic payments or drafts with this new number.

Will my account number(s) change?

No, your account number(s) will stay the same.

Will my account type change?

You should have received a letter with information on your account. Some accounts will change and some accounts will stay the same.

Will my loan change?

No. Loan numbers, payment amounts, and payment due dates will not change.

Do my direct deposits and automatic drafts need attention?

Yes. You will need to provide the new routing number to those who deposit or draft your account on March 23 or after.

Online Banking

How do I access online banking?

Go to and look for the Login ID box in the top right corner of the page.

Will my online banking login change?

Yes, your login will change. Please refer to the New Personal Digital Banking section (page 10) of this guide book for further instructions.

Does City Bank have a mobile app?

Yes. Please refer to the Mobile Banking section (page 11) for further instructions.

Where can we go to get more information?

If there are further questions or specific assistance is needed, call or visit your local branch.

Bank Updates

What is happening?

Effective July 25, 2019, South Plains Financial Inc. (SPFI, the parent company of City Bank) entered into a merger agreement with West Texas State Bank. The agreement was finalized on November 12, 2019, with data migration anticipated on March 23, 2020.

Who is South Plains Financial, Inc.?

South Plains Financial (NASDAQ: SPFI) is the parent company of City Bank, a Texas-based community bank recognized for its corporate culture, innovation and distinctive banking solutions. City Bank has locations across Texas and New Mexico. South Plains Financial, Inc. is headquartered in Lubbock, Texas. Find out more at our website

What will be the name of the bank?

City Bank

How does this affect customer accounts, products and related services?

In regard to your accounts and all of your present bank services, it’s business as usual. All associated numbers, names, structures, types, routing numbers, debit cards, PIN numbers, ATM and branch access, etc., will remain the same until notified otherwise. Rest assured we won’t make any changes before March of 2020. You will be notified in ample time and clear instructions will be shared at that time.

What about account statements or end-of-year tax statements?

Until the data migration occurs on March 23, 2020, all correspondence regarding your current accounts will continue to come from West Texas State Bank.

Is my local branch closing?

No. All branches are remaining open. We also don’t anticipate that hours of operation will change, so please continue to contact them or stop by when it’s convenient for you.

How are NSFs paid?

NSFs will no longer be automatically paid. They will be reviewed and decisioned by your account officer.

Will I receive new checks?

No. You are welcome to use your current stock of checks until those run out.

How do I order new checks?

After March 23, visit your local branch or call (800) OUR-BANK (687-2265) and speak to a Customer Xperience Representative.

Do I have access to City Bank ATMs?

Beginning November 13th, you will be able to use City Bank ATMs at no charge. Also beginning November 13th, the only ATMs you will be able to use without incurring service charges are City Bank and West Texas State Bank ATMs.