Fraud & Security Resources


Fraud & Security Resources

Empowering you to take charge of your financial security

Online, digital, and mobile banking provide wonderful services and conveniences, but they can also bring new cybersecurity risks. At City Bank, we want you to use all of our services safely, securely, and confidently.


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How We Will Contact You

We will only contact you under certain conditions.
Here’s how you can know for sure and how you can report anything suspicious.

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Understanding Cybersecurity Risks

Cybercriminals, scammers, and fraudsters are actively looking for their next victim.
Don’t let it be you!

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How We Protect You

We provide state-of-the-art protection for all your banking services.

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How to Protect Yourself

City Bank works hard to protect you
, but we want to make sure you have the knowledge and tools to protect yourself.

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How We Protect Your Business

Business customers have increased cybersecurity risk
, including Business Email Compromise, fast payments/ACH fraud, and account takeover risk. Here’s how City Bank helps to protect your business.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re happy to talk.
  We’re here to answer your questions, whether you’re concerned about online and mobile security, our policies and practices, fraud, identity theft or ways you can protect yourself.

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Fraud Alert

A legitimate City Bank representative will NEVER ask you for your username, password, debit card number, PIN, passcode, or security code through an unsolicited call, email, text, or pop-up on your device. If you are unsure if the person calling you is a legitimate City Bank representative, hang up and call us at 800-687-2265 to verify the authenticity of the person requesting that information. 


Report Fraud

If you suspect that your personal and/or financial information has been compromised, City Bank recommends that you call us immediately.

If you have received a suspicious email, text, or phone call that appears to have come from City Bank, or appears to be impersonating City Bank, please report it to us immediately by emailing [email protected].

Helpful Resources

Visit some of these sites for additional info on staying safe, best practices, and more.

National Cyber Security Alliance

US-CERT - Cyber Security Tips

Federal Trade Commission - Privacy & Security

FDIC Money Smart - Financial Education Program