Trust City Bank to Help You Protect Your Business.


Security must always be a top concern for your business. City Bank allows you to reduce the risk of check fraud and gain extra peace of mind with our Positive Pay service. Positive Pay is an automated check matching process associated with our online Cash Management service.

Hi-Tech Check Security and Authentication

Our state-of-the-art Positive Pay authentication resource ensures each check meets a series of parameters to prevent fraudulent or unauthorized payments. By comparing paid items against your previously authorized issue information, Positive Pay detects unauthorized or unusual disbursement activity and settles any discrepancies. When suspicious activity is detected, City Bank will stop payment on the check and notify you. You make the decision to pay or not pay stopped items.



  • Reduces exposure to check fraud
  • Pinpoints exception items at the time of presentment, rather than waiting for a bank reconciliation statement
  • Review exception items online to enhance your pay/return decision-making

Service Features

  • Input checks easily into our online banking system in batches or separately
  • Monitor checks to be paid each morning to deter loss from fraud
  • Checks matching the issued check file you provide us will be automatically paid
  • Receive electronic notification when a check is flagged as unauthorized or for the incorrect amount
  • You review exception items and provide instructions for paying or returning each item
  • Local customer service and support

With our Positive Pay service, City Bank helps you protect your finances and reduce your disbursement risks so you can focus on your business. It’s just another way we keep you safe in an uncertain financial world!

Keep control of your accounts while minimizing the potential of check fraud with Positive Pay. To get started, please call 1-800-OUR-BANK, stop by your local City Bank branch location or fill out the Contact Us form below to learn more.