Maximize Business Savings Opportunities

When you are growing a business, you need to maximize savings opportunities. Save more with a commercial money market account from City Bank. This account allows you to earn more than a basic business savings account typically returns, yet also gives you the freedom of a lower balance requirement and greater flexibility when making withdrawals. For those who do not need frequent access to their funds, a business money market account can help you save for short-range goals and maintain a high level of liquidity.

Put business funds to work for you

With the City Bank commercial money market account, you will increase your earning potential and still maintain full access to your funds. Make those reserve funds do more than sit there – make them work for you with consistently high rates! Plus, when you use the account as overdraft protection, you can use your savings to guard your overall business finances and peace of mind. Enjoy the flexibility you need, while earning a premium interest rate.

Account Features

  1. Interest is paid out based on your daily account balance
  2. No monthly service charge for a minimum daily balance of $1,500 or more 
  3. If balance falls below $1,500, no interest earned
  4. Only $201 a month when your balance goes below $1,500

For information on current rates, call or visit any City Bank location. 

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1All fees subject to sales tax in New Mexico.