Flexible terms and competitive rates.

Are you ready to add certainty to your financial future? A certificate of deposit (or CD) from City Bank gives you flexible terms and competitive rates on your investment, so you know your maturity date and yield from the start. City Bank offers a variety of CD rates and terms, from 30 days to 60 months, with higher rates on longer terms so you can tailor the maturity to your financial goals. Flexibility—it’s what you expect from City Bank, and it’s what we deliver.

Lock in a Great Rate That’s Right for You

A CD is a time deposit account that offers a safe harbor for your money and generally returns more than a regular savings account. In exchange for your investment over a certain period of time, City Bank will pay you a set rate of interest. At the end of this time period, known as maturity, you may choose to withdraw the money, along with the interest it earned, or let your CD renew for another term at the market rate. You also receive the added security of Federal Deposit Insurance coverage.

Saving money makes sound financial sense. With a CD from City Bank, you get the financial tool that works best for you and your savings needs.


Features & Benefits

  • Guaranteed return on your investment
  • $1,000 minimum deposit required
  • Various terms available, from 30 days to 60 months
  • Earn higher returns by locking in funds
  • No unpredictable markets or difficult investment choices
  • Renew your CD at the market rate at time of renewal
  • Penalties apply for early withdrawal1

Open a CD today

Please call 1-800-OUR-BANK or stop by your local City Bank branch location for current CD interest rates.

1All fees subject to sales tax in New Mexico.