Outdoor Renovation Projects with the Highest ROI in Texas

Jul 27, 2015

While most people think of gourmet kitchens and sleek bathrooms as the most beneficial places to invest home improvement dollars, statistics prove that many of the most valuable renovations are those that enhance the exterior of the home. A quality exterior improves curb appeal and gives prospective buyers confidence that the interior of your home is also well-maintained. Here are the outdoor renovation projects that will give you the most bang for your buck in Texas, according to Remodeling magazine’s 2015 “Cost vs. Value Report.”

Manufactured stone veneer. Adding stone on an accent wall or along a crawlspace has a national average cost of $7,150 and a ROI of 92.2%, but in our neck of the woods it’s closer to 98.2%.
Expected return on investment: 98%

Exterior door replacements. Buyers love exterior door replacements, particularly steel entry doors – which can return nearly all of their cost. Replacing a garage door also returns a high percentage of the upfront investment.
Expected return on investment: 98% for steel entry doors, 72% for fiberglass entry doors, 86% for garage doors

Roof replacement. A roof is perhaps the most important component of a home and keeping it in good repair pays off in more ways than one. Impressively, the return on replacing a roof with fiberglass asphalt shingles rose 10% over the previous year.
Expected return on investment: 82%

Siding replacement. Replace siding with midrange vinyl siding and trim and you can expect to recoup 81% of your investment. Upgrading to fiber cement siding also delivers a similar return at 80.8%.
Expected return on investment: 81%

Decks and patios. The cost of putting a new deck on your home can vary widely depending on the materials and labor used, but the average ROI on professional deck construction was 79.3%. This rate tends to be higher for high-quality wood decks and lower for composite materials.
Expected return on investment: 79%

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