Don’t Fall for It! The Top 3 Scams of 2016

Jul 12, 2016

If a criminal gets ahold of your personal data, that information opens up a world of unlawful possibilities known as identity fraud. Your identity could be used to apply for credit cards, take out a loan, collect government benefits and empty your bank account. Here are some common schemes to watch out for in 2016.

  • Tech support scams. Don’t be fooled by someone calling and claiming to be from Microsoft® or a tech support company. They might tell you that your computer is infected with a virus (or about to become infected), and that they need remote access to your computer to troubleshoot and fix the issues. If given access, these scammers may intentionally cause damage in order to charge for repairs, or they might steal sensitive personal data and later use it to commit identity theft. Never provide computer access to a stranger who initiates the contact. Instead, report the call to your local police department.

  • Tax scams. Another common phone scam involves people who impersonate IRS employees or local law enforcement agents and demand payment for back taxes that you supposedly owe. These impostors threaten immediate arrest or a lawsuit if money is not sent via wire or prepaid debit card. They may also send emails and show up as IRS on your caller ID (known as phone spoofing). Remember, the IRS will notify you via mail if you owe taxes, and they will never ask for financial information over the phone or threaten you with arrest.

  • Public wi-fi scams. If you use a public computer or use wi-fi on an unsecured network, scammers can easily steal information you send over the Internet, including usernames and passwords. Use caution when using free wi-fi networks in public places. Never enter sensitive financial information while on one of these networks, and turn off your computer’s file sharing capabilities to prevent unwanted connections. If you use a public computer, be sure to log out of every site and the computer itself to prevent someone else from using your accounts.

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