Want to Save Money on Any Purchase? 5 Ways to Make it Happen

Jan 3, 2018


Whether you're on a tight budget or not, no one likes to pay more for something than is absolutely necessary. It may seem like a lot of work to comparison shop before every little purchase, which is why it's a good idea to have some ready-made tactics on hand that can save you money nearly every time.

Saving doesn't come naturally to everyone, so cutting spending as you go through the month is one sure way to make more room in your budget. From large screen televisions to clothing items, there are almost always ways to save some cash. Here are just five ways that you can save money on nearly any purchase.

1. Look for Coupons and Promotions

You can get some significant discounts with coupons, but finding coupons can be time-consuming. There are some time-saving solutions to this conundrum. The first is to just do a web search for coupons when you are ready to make a purchase. If you're buying online, you can often find discount codes to enter into a shopping cart. Another idea is to have one email account that you designate as your "coupon" account. Sign up for coupon and company newsletters with that email address and then pull what you need when you're ready to shop.

2. Buy Used, Refurbished, and Older Models

A great way to save money on major purchases, particularly electronics, is to purchase used, refurbished, or older models. Let's assume that you want to buy a new flat screen television. Instead of buying the latest model, purchase last year's model. You can also buy refurbished and used laptops, appliances, and even sporting goods. If you're purchasing used electronics, however, ask for a limited warranty or guarantee.

3. Price Compare and Use Price Matching

If you are an online shopper, there are browser extensions that you can use to compare prices so that you know the best deal is at hand. One of those is called Honey, which will also search the web for various coupon codes. Amazon shoppers can use an add-on called Camelcamelcamel that will track prices on favorite items. Finally, major retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Best Buy will price match if you can prove that you've found a better deal elsewhere.

4. Purchase Discounted Gift Cards

Have you ever received a gift card to a store or restaurant that isn't your favorite? Other people have too, and you can buy unwanted or unused gift cards at a discount on different websites. For example, you might find a $100 Best Buy gift card for $95. The discounts vary depending on the retailer.

5. Look for Cash Back Opportunities

There are several ways that you can earn cash back with your purchases. One is by using certain payment methods such as a cash-back credit card. You can also earn cash back through a shopping portal, such as Ebates. When you sign up with a site like Ebates, you click to make purchases through their links and will receive cash back into your account. You can then use those rewards dollars to make future purchases.

Sometimes, saving money on a large purchase just takes a bit of patience. Unless you're buying the hottest item on the market today, most products and services go on sale at some point. Remaining diligent with these money-saving tips will allow you to find deals on your favorite items and create additional wiggle room in your spending budget each month.